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Four Steps To Successful Trading:

Swing Trading



Private Mentoring

Capital Properties Group (CPG) – the key to successful Forex market trading! CPG stands for professional, accurate, analysis of the currency market. Either a medium or short-term oriented trader, a beginner or an expert when it comes to Forex market trading, looking for a Forex signal service or interested in the depth of this complex market, CPG is the solution for you.

With more than ten years of experience and a team of dedicated and passionate professional retail Forex traders, we offer you the precise Forex signals and educational resources you need to become a profitable trader. Either you just want to receive a Forex trading signal or understand the currency movements, we have the tailored solution for you.


Forex market trading signals: just follow our trading decisions and relax!
Private mentoring programs: the key to successful forex market trading!
Online Forex courses: online self-learning tool combining theory and practice!


Forex market signals based on technical and fundamental analysis, economic and political news and historical data. Our team of professional retail Forex traders works around the clock to offer you the most profitable market trades.

We will tell you when and what to do – you just have to do it!


The CPG Forex mentoring program addresses for those willing to go the extra mile. When looking for a tailor-made, premium Forex market trading service, look no more!

The Forex mentoring program addresses each and every client, considering their experience and knowledge.


Educational resources – everything for Forex traders. From basic to complex theories, we leave no stone unturned.

Theory and practice combined for the most efficient learning program ever designed. Moreover, you study at your own pace and test yourself to feel more confident.

Because a confident trader is a successful trader!

Swing Trading



Scalping is one of the few things that all traders try, but few master. Yet we are here to offer the service for short-term oriented traders, with conditions never met before in the industry.

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Forex Trading Education

Our trading education program combines both theory and practice and addresses all forex market levels, from beginner to professional. Hundreds of trading courses and thousands of minutes to watch at your own pace and rhythm.

Start your Forex trading education right away!

Clear video analysis explaining carefully each and every setup, notion, idea, pattern, etc, for four different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional. You can do each level separately or all combined, with limitless possibilities.

Forex Mentoring


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